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of posts about Guigoz on RED were made by ECENTIME

posts was created by KOLs with ECENTIME

Keyword search result on RED APP 小红书

1.When users search the keyword “Guigoz”, there are 225 posts on the Red App in which the top 10 posts come from ECENTIME.

2.Under the key word “French Baby Formula Bio”, it shows out 319 posts and there are 9 Guigoz posts among the top 20.

3.When users search the keyword “French milk powder”, it shows out 4696 posts and there are 4 Guigoz posts among the top 10.

Achieved results

1.Through the KOL Activity, the number of posts about “Guigoz” has increased from 40 to 225 posts, and the audience coverage reached 1033.7K+.

2.Posts place in a very high position among the relative key words search results.



Creation of a 6-month campaign with eCentime divided in 3 steps:

Test Phase

We have focused on Sephora's price orientation in our articles to develop sales.

The results over this period were 45% higher than the average for other Sephora affiliate programs.


Optimization phase

Content development, publication of articles and development of an online community around Sephora and its products.

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IMG_6815 2.PNG

Development phase

Development of Sephora events (Valentine's Day, Christmas...) in order to increase sales.