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From Europe to China we help brands to grow and reach Chinese consumers. No matter the size, the field or the project, we are here to guide you from the first step and during all the on-going project. Based on tailor-made packages and services, we adjust do your brand specificities and goals. We already have a long expertise, with more than 3,300 brands, from Europe, USA, North Africa and many others places. Each of them came with the aim to become big in the Chinese market.

ECENTIME believes that your brand deserves to be known ! Small to medium companies get the opportunity to build their reputation and master de Chinese market

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More mature brands can get the opportunity to increase their visibility on our app. Thanks to specific offers and promotions, brands can directly reach Chinese users.

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Europe can be your first step towards Chinese consumers, but once you have built your reputation, you can directly reach Chinese market by going to Mainland China.

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