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On every quarter, ECENTIME analyse its performance and record its best time. Different events, different kind of subscriptions and many opportunities

for every brand !  

Rapport Novembre 2020.png

Q4 2020

In 2020, ECENTIME's sales volume increased by 37% compared to 2019. The Spanish Market developed itself with a 137% increase. One of the biggest event was Double 11, which recorded a 57% grow and 126 subscriptions. The second biggest event was Black Friday, 357 subscriptions were registered. Compared to 2019, ECENTIME has increased its number of users and views, announcing a promising 2021.

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Q1 2021

During those last 3 months, ECENTIME increased its sales volume by +10% and registered many new subscription. With more than 129 subscriptions and 138 branding campaigns, ECENTIME consolidate its leading position on the e-shopping market. Its partners have benefit from events such as, winter sales, Chinese new year, ECENTIME Days, in order to promote their brands and reach new consumers. 

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Q2 2021

Quarter 2 is one of the most promising quarter of the year, with events such as the Weekend ECENTIME, the French Days, Amazon Prime, Mid-years sales and Pre-summer sales. Chinese users have been looking forward to find unique offers and brands have increased their sales. 254 subscriptions were registered, permitting to more than 300 brands to stimulate their expansion towards the Chinese market. 

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