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WEBINAR #5 - How can livestreaming and influence make my sales take off

HOSTED on Zoom, 20th January, 2021

DURATION: 1H01 mins

The Chinese digital consumer market is constantly evolving and is the largest digital market in the world.

The latest trend is e-commerce livestreaming and has recently exploded due to the very strong development of e-commerce and the Chinese urban population whose purchasing power is increasing year after year.

Today, brands can no longer ignore the rise of livestreaming. It's a great tool when it comes to presenting a brand, products, convincing and pushing people to buy.

Livestreaming E-Commerce is the art of promoting and selling goods through influencer or hosts streams on social media channels.

In 2019, approximately 265 million Chinese made a purchase via live streaming e-commerce, representing more than 37% of China’s total online shoppers and 47% of live stream viewers.

Since the pandemic blocked consumers at home for months, this allowed live streaming to develop in 2020.

Because of its popularity, both national and international brands are expecting to launch live streamings campaigns in order to seduce new consumers. Today, Alibaba's Taobao Live dominates the market, but other companies such as, Baidu and all the Chinese social networks want to take advantage of this trend.


PART ONE: Post Covid-19 Livestreaming Industry Overview

PART TWO: Synergies Between KOLs/KOCs and Livestreams: A Winning Combo?


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