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​WEBINAR #4 - What is Social E-commerce & How can Chinese media platforms boost your sales?

HOSTED on Zoom, 18 th November, 2020

DURATION: 48 minutes

Today, it's the community and recommendations that sell. Social E-commerce has been around for several years now in China. Media platforms and brands have found that people influence each other when it comes to shopping. More than 60% of Chinese consumers say friends and family members are a major source of product information, based on which they make purchase decisions. Also, mobile first culture in China, where 98% of Internet users access the Internet via their smartphone, has seen a real explosion in the importance of social networks in the daily lives of Chinese citizens. It is important to understand that the Chinese market is unique, comparable to no other when it comes to how consumers engage with the digital ecosystem where influencers (KOLs / KOCs) are the kings and queens of these social platforms and play a crucial role. China’s technological growth in the past decade has been largely mobile-driven, it has seen the booming global mobile apps industry which has permanently changed the way Chinese citizens live, consume, work and play. To respond to this growing sector of social e-commerce, Chinese social platforms have started to develop new functionalities, allowing users to buy directly on their apps. Douyin is TikTok’s name in China and its daily active user count currently stands at 400 million. The platform has a clear e-commerce integration and users can click links within each short video and complete purchases inside the app. This feature is also implemented for Livestreaming sessions. Douyin is thus a new sales channel, perfectly suited to impulse purchases.

You want to master Social E-commerce in China & find new channels to boost your sales?

One of the best ways to bounce back and open up new horizons for your business could be Chinese expatriate community and the Chinese market.

ECENTIME upcoming webinar will explain to you what Social E-commerce in China is, demystify Chinese social networks to help you find ideas for targeting this group of consumers..


PART ONE: Overview of the performance of the 2020 edition of the Double 11 Festival. PART TWO: How do the social media help with brands sales (Business Cases & Datas). PART THREE: Discussion on the social e-commerce dimension of WeChat, Weibo, Douyin and The Little Red Book (RED - Xiaohongshu).


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