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​WEBINAR #3 - How is Double 11 (Single’s Day) a huge opportunity for marketers?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

HOSTED on Zoom, 29 th October, 2020

DURATION: 33 minutes

The biggest E-shopping event takes place every year on November 11th and goes almost unnoticed by the world. We are of course talking about 11.11, also known as Single’s Day.

It started out as a small university event and the Alibaba Group transformed it into a massive one-day shopping event.

Western brands and retailers have recognized this extreme buying power and they all want to participate in this event. In 2018, Apple, Nike, and Adidas each brought in more than $14 million in sales.

ECENTIME will break down 11.11 for you during our webinar, explain how this unique event is an opportunity for western brands and how to make a successful campaign.


PART ONE: From a student event to a shopping festival (Alibaba).

PART TWO: How o promote your brand and drive sales during Single's Day.

PART THREE: Business Cases.

PART FOUR: Interview of our speaker, Alexandre Gabrielle (Head of Network Europe @Rakuten Advertising).


Being intended for the French public, this webinar is only available in French.

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