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About Us

From China to Europe round trip

Nowadays, and since these last few years, China's role in international business and cooperation has been growing. ECENTIME has been created to help foreign brands to understand Chinese way of doing business and how to reach Chinese consumers. Thanks to our international , we have the ability to promote companies and make them sales increase. Furthermore, our team has been working in China and in Europe, with really different types of businesses, which make her efficient on every kind of projects.


Our Story

ECENTIME started with an idea : create a place where every Chinese expats can gather to exchange informations and tips about living abroad. At first, ECENTIME was a blog create by the current CEO Yangke. The blog reputation increased, to the point that his founder wanted to make it even more useful for its users. As Chinese consumers love to use specific application to get to know the last offers on their favorite brands, ECENTIME decided to become an official market place in 2017. First the application, then the website, ECENTIME have kept on developing its services. France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and further many country, ECENTIME wants to help every oversea Chinese living in Europe. Member of the Welcome city lab in 2018 and award finalist at LVMH Innovation Award in 2020, ECENTIME is building is path. Nowadays, ECENTIME has been focusing a lot on its Consulting Services, in order to help businesses which want to directly start with Mainland China.

International Team

Our Clients

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